Field School

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The Orchard Garden invites you to take advantage of our Outdoor Classroom.  The Orchard Garden, located behind the MacMillan Building, is a short walk from Scarfe and Ponderosa.  The student-run, inter-faculty garden project grows food for the Agora Cafe, for community sales, and to help connect students, faculty, and teachers (pre- and in-service) with growing food.  As you plan your next syllabus, please consider how curriculum in or about the garden could enrich your teaching and learning and share your ideas with us! 

Here are some ways to connect with the Orchard Garden on your own or with a class:
          •   Request plants be grown for art projects, musical instruments, science experiments, math projects, etc… (advance notice)
          •   Have class, meetings, or lunch outside and enjoy the beautiful setting!  Eat at Agora Cafe! (Any time)
          •   Come for a tour and/or work day to make tangible the pedagogy and curriculum of garden-based learning (1-2 week notice)
          •   Plan an assignment or project around the garden (2 weeks+ notice)
          •   Refer a student for an Inquiry Project, research project, or Alternate Practicum (advance notice)

For more information or to discuss a visit to or project in the garden, please contact us!