Left to right:  Marc Schutzbank, Will Valley, Andrew Riseman, Chessa Adsit-Morris, Leanna Killoran, Natasha Tymo, Djamila Moore, Susan Gerofsky, (second row) Eric Drewes, Julia Ostertag, Joshua Welsh

Our team arrives in the garden with a wealth of broad experiences and degrees in Business, Math Education, Economics, Plant Genetics, Landscape Architecture, Radio Broadcasting, Contemporary Dance, Science Education, Horticulture, Engineering, Architecture... and the list goes on.
We are pulled to the work and power of gardens through various intersecting agendas.  We are unified by our shared passion and curiosity for the land and our community.

Academic Coordinator (The Orchard Garden)

Dr. Andrew Riseman - Associate Professor, Faculty of Land & Food Systems 

Project Coordinator and Principle Investigator (Learning to Teach in an Outdoor Classroom)
Dr. Susan Gerofsky - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education 

Curricular Coordinator
Stacy Friedman- Project Coordinator, Intergenerational Landed Learning on the Farm

Graduate Student Research Advisors
Chessa Adsit-Morris - Faculty of Education, MA Student
Kate Petrusa - Faculty of Education, MA Student
Julia Ostertag - Faculty of Education, PhD Student

Undergraduate Garden Coordinators
Panthea Read - Faculty of Land & Food Systems, B.Sc. Student
Emma Avery- Faculty of Land & Food Systems, B.Sc. Student

Undergraduate Project Assistants 
Heather Verdin - Faculty of Land & Food Systems (GRS), B.Sc. Student
Razan Remaileh - Faculty of Arts, B.A. Student

Think & Eat Green @ School Graduate Student Advisors
Eric Drewes - Faculty of Land & Food Systems, M.Sc. Student
Will Valley - Faculty of Land & Food Systems, PhD Student